Okay so my friend’s were giving away a bunch of their stuff because they’re updating to newer (word??? who knows) stuff and so they gave a lot of it to me bc yeah and I ended up with a lot of doubles so I thought “What a perfect time for a giveaway!” and this is my outcome

R U L E S:

-MUST be following me

-MUST rebog this post

-PLEASE don’t be another giveaway blog, I really want this stuff to go to someone who really wants it (and will use it) :)

-YOU can like to bookmark 

-REBLOG as many times as you want, though it’ll help your chances to reblog multiple times

that’s it yo

PRIZES (yay!!) 

-(white) iphone 5

-IPad mini

-set of books (Hunger Games complete series, Paper Towns, Divergent [not pictured: The Fault in Our Stars, Insurgent: Sequel to Divergent])

-Iphone 4+case

Ipod (shuffle?? its gold lol) with three cases and ear phones

-macbook pro

-Nikon D90 (perfect condition)

-Brown Leather Jacket from Le Château size M

NOTE: I ship anywhere and everywhere :) GIVEAWAY SHOULD END AROUND DECEMBER 29TH

so yeah get rebloggin’ homies :)



Exo Giveaway!

Ok as i said it is small giveaway nothing big.I will be giving away 10 photocards and one autographed photo/photocard.This is just little thank you for getting 300 followers on my maind blog.


  1. Must be following me.You can also follow my main blog if you want.
  2. Reblog as many times you want
  3. Likes do count
  4. No giveaway blogs!
  5. Winner will be picked with
  6. If the winner don’t respond i 24 h i will pick other winner
  7. Winner can pick 10 photocards and 1 autographed photo/photocard
  8. Giveaway end’s on 13 September
  9. Have ask box open!
  10. If you not 18 please make sure you have perents premission to give me your address
  11. Good luck to everybody!

If you have any questions please send me msg